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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

An Unforgetable Dream
Dedicated to My Parents...Ron and Cookie Dancy

Submitted by Heather

In October 1998, my parents left for the islands of Hawaii..a trip they saved for throughout their marriage. Finally, after 30 years, they set off for what was to become their 2nd honeymoon and for what was to be one of their last joyous occasions for years to come.

Before, during, and after this wonderous trip...all anyone around them has heard is "HAWAII!! HAWAII!!" The sand like sugar, the skies the bluest of blues, and the people "the nicest in the world." I have been told that the scents of the flowers fill the air, everyone seems happy, and oh, those mystical tradewinds!! According to my mother, they whisk through your hair and caress your soul..taking away your every care! When they returned from, "PARADISE" they were happier, lighter, and although I never thought it possible, more in love. It was this love that would pull thrm through the hell that was the next few years.

Approximately one year after their return from "PARADISE," my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My able-bodied father was brought to his knees and our family to tears. The following months brought two operations, the threat of radiation or chemotherapy, and the fear of death itself. Shortly after the operations, he was again admitted to the hospital. This time it was a hernia. So, back went my father into the hospital and back came all of our fears. "What next?" A question we would later regret having asked.

As dad recovered, time crept. My once top salesman of a father was barely bringing home a check. He couldn't drive or work and his spirits sank. As things started to look brighter...trouble knocked again.

On May 19, 2001, my dad was rushed to the hospital. This time it was a 95% blockage in a main artery and literally milliseconds from a massive heartattack. The next few days meant more operations, the insertion of a stint, and a new lifestyle for us all.

Through all of this, my parents have clinged to one dream and that has been the thoughts of returning to their tropical "PARADISE" and feeling those medicinal tradewinds and allowing them to whisk away all of the pain and fear that has become so real the last few years. A few weeks ago, they booked their second dream trip to Hawaii. The family fussed at how they don't have the money and how foolish it is to spend savings on a trip.

They are still planning on taking this it financially wise or not. I guess sometimes it takes the fear of losing someone important to put things into perspective. For it isn't the money that matters. What matters is love and family and living life to the fullest while you're still able to. During the lowest part of my dad's illnesses, my parents both exclaimed, "If only we were back in Hawaii!" It became their dream and one they never lost sight matter how bad things became.

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