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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Hikers Love
Dedicated to Megan

Submitted by Alex

In July I was again visiting my father, who lives in Hawaii. My parents seperated whe I was 7, and I have been flying out to visit my father since. Like all other visits I spent my time on the beaches or hiking. One afternoon I hiked a frequent path, needed to climb waterfalls with a prelaid rope. As I reached the summit, I found 3 young girls at the top sitting ang eating lunch. My eyes immediately focused on the beautiful blonde, with crystal clear blue eyes. As we began chatting I made an instant connection with Megan as as I was absorbed into her eyes we agreed to meet that night. We spent the night on Queens Beach, swimming and walking along the moonlight shore. I will never forget the shimmering reflection of the water on her beautful young face.

I spent the rest of my summer break with Megan and when it was time for her to return home with her friends I was destroyed. I knew that I too would soon have to go home, and had been putting off the thoughts of our departure. We shared final words, and told each other we would meet again up that hill.
I have never seen those beautiful eyes since. We have remained in close contact through letters, but have not yet been able to visit. I hope that one day we can again meet under the tropical sun of Hawaii.

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