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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A New Song to Sing
Dedicated to My husband, Jon

Submitted by Vi

It all started in a little country church in Ohio about 12 years ago. Our new pastor came in on his first Sunday with a voice, when he sang, that would make the angels stop and listen. All the congregation would agree with the angels as they would stop and listen too. His speaking voice was just as eloquent while sharing the love and word of God. My husband, at the time, was suffering from a diseased heart and we were just enjoying the last couple of years that the doctors thought he would have. We'd always had a dream of going to Hawaii some day and now we knew that would be impossible, but the time would be precious anyhow. The new pastor had been suffering through much turmoil also as his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer even before coming to our small church. And to add to all that, they had been in an accident just before arriving with she having broken her back and he his leg. Just a couple of years after their arrival, my husband did indeed pass away and I was alone, but not before we were able to celebrate our silver anniversary and renew our vows and you guessed it, our pastor shared that service with us, and then soon after to do his funeral. He later would marry my daughters, baptize my first grandchild and just be there for many events in my life for the next 4 years. Thinking that his wife's battle with cancer was under control, it rared it's ugly head a short time after and she too passed away. Little to our knowledge, God was starting a plan filled with folks' prayers for he and I to be together. God was starting to work on each of our hearts separately too. I was doing lots of arguing with myself to say the least, but finally gave in to the prospect that this REALLY could be starting to happen. It would start with music as we began to sing together, then taking rides and dating at this "mature" time in our lives,(early 50's for me and early 60's for him.) Well, you probably can guess the ending of the story---we were indeed married and have been now for over 4 years. We have moved twice as pastors often do. He retired two years ago, but once again started serving part-time for two small churches, still in Ohio. We have continued to sing together, having made a Christian Recording. We even love to share our "50's music" with folks. We have much to be thankful for. We are enjoying life together. We love to travel when we can, play golf, and of course are hoping to go to Hawaii real soon which will fullfill a dream for each of us. New song, new love, new life? It's never too late. Nothing is possible!!!

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