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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Coast to Coast Courtship
Dedicated to Wayne

Submitted by Dianne

We met in Springdale but never realized the depth of our love until miles of Canadian wilderness separated us. I was destined to remain in eastern Canada while Wayne winged his way to northern Saskatchewan. We kept in touch by phone - but what a phone! The nearest phone to Wayne was at a mine site over 30 kilometers away, was hanging outside on the wall with no shelter and was only accessible by skidoo! The temperatures that winter in North Saskatchewan never warmed up more than a 'balmy' -45degrees centigrade). There was always a wind chill and of course, due to the latitude, it was mostly dark!

Yet despite these adversities, he managed to trek across the frozen wasteland by skidoo every other night to phone me. His marriage proposal was punctuated by shivering stutters but I knew it was heart felt. Who else but a true love would go to those extremes to plan a wedding and honeymoon!

We married in the spring, and vowed to travel to warm climates every anniversary - Hawaii being the most coveted destination. There is nothing like snorkelling in Hanauma Bay to take the chill out of Canadian sweethearts.

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