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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii-The Lovers Islands
Dedicated to Sharron O'Connor Henry

Submitted by Charles

When my darling and I visited Hawaii for the first time we were instantly inchanted by the warm smell of the trade winds. It seemed that we could smell every plant on the islands. We were transported into a new reality and beauty we had never before seen. We held hands as we admired everything we saw, from the beautiful beaches of each Island to the rain drenched mountains of Kauai. And, the people. Ah, the people. So helpful and friendly. We treated them as brothers and sisters and they returned the love to us. Since our first visit, we returned to Hawaii 10 times over the years and missed it when we are away. Our love was strenthened each time we visit. We reaffirmed our reasons to be together while we played as children in the beautiful Islands. My Darling is gone now to another place that I know is as beautiful as Hawaii. I still visit Hawaii where I can feel her spirit caressing me in the warm tropic breezes.

Chuck Henry

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