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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Friend, Date, Wife, Inspiration.
Dedicated to Wife

Submitted by Wayne

I met my wife as a friend on a blind date arranged by my mother. It was a perfect match that only a mother could arrange. After five wonderful years of happiness there was marriage. The honeymoon was almost non existent sice we both wanted the most memorable wedding for each other, and were limited by the funds thats we earned from our jobs. Somehow we managed to affored our wedding and honeymoon to Hawaii. It cost us every penny we owned and could borrow, but we did it. I would really like to tell you about our trip to Hawaii, but I can't. The memories that we share on our honeymoon can't be explained. The only thing we regret about our trip is that we could only afford to stay for eight days and seven nights. The best thing that weve taken from our trip is that we know how to make an authentic Hawaiian Mai Tai. Until the day we visit again we can only sip Mai Tai's, and recall the best time of our life when we were in Hawaii.

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