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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Trip That Was Never to Be
Dedicated to My Loving Husband, Don

Submitted by Linda

My romantic husband surprised me for our 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. I though I was in heaven; the swaying palm trees, the gentle warm breezes, the crystal clear turquoise water, and the smell of exotic flowers blooming wild. It was a trip I'll remember forever and even before we returned home I was planning a way to one day return to this wonderful paradise.

Back to the world of reality... I faced the monthly cycle of trying to have a baby; the pressures of the "fertile time of the month", taking daily medications, trips to the doctor, and "honey, it's time". Each month was ending the same... no baby. While I tried to be strong I would usually end up using a box of tissues, comforting myself with looking a my photo album from our trip to Hawaii and dreaming of one day returning to the Island of Paradise.

Several years later, my dreams were coming true and a trip to Hawaii was in the making. A work related conference was to bring us back to Hawaii and I could hardly wait until it was time to pack. The hotel reservations were being made, airline reservations confirmed, and everything was going according to plan. Little did I know the trip was not to be.

After trying month after month, year after year the news I was sure I'd never hear finally came, "I'm afraid you can't take your trip to Hawaii this year... you're pregnant!" Sitting in my doctor's office, my eyes welled up with tears of joy. After trying to conceive for so long and seeing my husband go through surgery, going through three surgeries myself, monthly doctor visits, injections, medications, and I'm was going to have a baby. I guess I could give up my trip to Hawaii....

I walked around the house glowing and waiting for my husband to come home from work. I waited, planned, and practiced all day to find just the right words to tell him the news that would change our lives forever. When he finally walked in the door, all I could do was fall into his strong, loving arms and sob. Not sure what was wrong he held me and told me he loved me. Just the words I wanted to hear as I lay my head on his shoulder, looked up into his loving eyes and said, "honey, I love you and I'm pregnant!" Together we held each other as tears ran down both our faces in the sheer joy of the moment and the knowledge that we would have a child soon.

The trip was never taken but is still in my dreams, and the prospect of taking my child is one that will keep me going for now. The swaying palm trees, warm gentle breezes, crystal clear water, and fragrance of the exotic flowers will still be waiting for me one day... soon I hope.

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