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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Dream Come True
Dedicated to My Husband, Mikee

Submitted by Elizabeth

My first visit to Hawaii was under very sad circumstances, I was helping my grandfather through the final path of his life. Although the situation was not exactly a joyous one I found it to be a beautiful experience. My grandfather chose a peaceful place to die.His ashes were scattered in the water off Oahu. My husband has always spoken about visiting Hawaii.I feel family is more important now that I have gotten married and I would like to share a little bit of what my grandfather loved with my husband.
This is a poem I wrote about peaceful living, and peaceful dying.

The magic of Hawaii

H awaiian shores, welcome us
A lone, just you and me
W here in the world could I be right now
A nd still feel this happy
I nto your arms
I nto your eyes
A ll that we are
N othing disguised

S unset now,beauty cloaks the land
H ours tick by like grains of sand
O ur love is more, freedom devine
R elaxing on the shores of time
E verything now seems good and right
S leep comes now, goodnight, goodnight

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