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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

40 Years
Dedicated to Kerry

Submitted by Linda

Kerry, 40 years we been together. Maried at 16 and 18 we were blessed to find each other. Side by Side we have stood through thick and thin. We have seen it all. Two lovely children grown and through college and now with children of their own. It is as you have said many times finally a time for us. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a bit of life before it passes us by and see a small glance at the world. Hawaii has always been a dream place for me and you. I have had a dream of going their since I was just a child. Actually Hawaii is the only place that I dreamed of going. It would be just the perfect anniversay present for you and me the 2 of us in our land of dreams. We could re-new our vows and replenish our love in the warm sunshine on the beaches of Hawaii. Love you Much in the whold wide world, Lin

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