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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Meet me on Kauai
Dedicated to Jason Ross

Submitted by Amy

It'd been a year since I moved 2500 miles away to go to school at USC, leaving Jason alone in Canton, Ohio. My spring break was impending and he had the idea of surprising me with a trip. All four years we'd been dating, we hadn't yet sat together to watch a sunset. His plan was to take me somewhere romantic, like Hawaii. When he presented me with the vacation idea I thought it was great. The plans were set, went off without a hitch and we met in Kauai on Friday. Saturday, our agenda was to see our first romantic sunset. Jason talked with a hotel employee who told him of a special place. Near the beach of one hotel is a cliff where they filmed a scene from the movie "Six Days and Seven Nights." Supposedly, the view is breathtaking. We drove, seemingly for hours, on a bumpy dirt road and then proceeded to trudge through sand dunes. I became skeptical and a little grouchy. I'd noticed Jason carrying a large bag and queried him why he was lugging it around. He replied that it was beach stuff. Satisfied, I continued following the rugged trail. We got to the cliff some ten minutes later. The view, 30 feet above water waves crashing and a beautiful white beach, was stunning. We walked past fisherman to a spot at the very edge of the cliff from where we guessed they'd filmed the movie. Jason took a large beach towel from his bag and set it down. We sat, held hands and watched the sun in the dusk sky. It was slightly hazy so the sun was powdery red, but still beautiful. After several minutes, Jason told me he had a surprise for me and to close my eyes. I did as was told expecting that, being a romantic, he'd packed a picnic. When I opened my eyes, he had brought out his radio, from which country played. I said he was sweet, but wasn't the sound of the waves nice? He conceded and turned it off. Moments later, he again said there a surprise and to close my eyes. I did and heard the tunes of our song, Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". This time, charmed, I pulled him close and said that I loved him. Finally, he had one more surprise and to close my eyes. I did and when I opened them he was kneeling in front of me holding a ring saying "Will you marry me?". At this point, I was in shock as I hadn't expected this. The times before when asked by friends what I would say if he asked me, I said "Sure, I guess." It was a well practiced line and unfortunately, the first thing to pop out of my mouth. But, as soon as I had my wits about me, I gave him a definitive "yes" and minutes later began crying because it had finally sunk in and I couldn't have been happier.

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