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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Two hearts far away
Dedicated to Keith Melick

Submitted by Lori

I've been talking to the greatest guy on the internet. We met on and have been talking ever since. We talk everyday and cheer each other up. A couple weeks ago I was dreaming and emailed him. I said wouldn't it be so cool if we met in Hawaii? I looked up vacation packages and told him a price. I was so scared waiting for his response.I thought "this guy probably thinks I'm nuts."

To my suprise he wrote back and said, "your on!" So we've been talking and dreaming about a trip there. I can hardly wait to see him in person. We have so much in common and I just wish we'd have the chance to see if we could make anything out of this. I know we would have the best time in Hawaii, it would be the most romantic expierence on a love filled island. I hope we win!!!!

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