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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Meeting the guy of my dreams
Dedicated to Ryan Ennis

Submitted by Denise

It all began five years ago at a lake I met this wonderful person bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a baby face. The problem was what was I doing admiring him when I was engaged, and come to find out he was too. I look back to that day and I see him now as a angel and soon you will understand.

My engagement ended very sad my boyfriend found out he had a enlarged heart and soon after he learned that he passed away. So in my eyes I figured he was the love of my life there could be no one to take his place. After a few months I decided to move away to another city. But before I left my friends threw a going away party and guess who I saw there my angel. We got to talking and I had come to find out that his engagement had ended very sad his girlfriend had pasted away in a accident. I could not believe it we had both been through the worst, he asked me for my phone number and said he would give me a call in a fews days. I moved and kept thinking of him and then one day my phone rang and it was him. We talked all the time and I thought of him as my best friend. Then he surprised me one day and sent me a dozen roses and on the card it said I hope this brings a smile to your face of course it did. Then about a week later he drove all the way to see me it was alot of fun we went shopping and out to lunch and then he had to leave to go meet his family at a lake for the weekend. We continued to talk on the phone all the time and then I gave him good news I was moving back I was not happy where I was living. I got back to my home town and we started talking and we ended up being more than friends. We decided to take a cruise and on the cruise ther all my dreams came true he asked me to marry him I said yes.

We got back home and started planning our wedding and honeymoon to the most wonderful place Hawaii. We had the most wonderful time in Hawaii we told each other we would go back some day for our anniversary. My angel and me live happily ever after. The end

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