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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Life Doesn't Get Much Better
Dedicated to Those that lost a loved one

Submitted by Christine

Sharon's heart was breaking. The smell of the salt air seemed to only add to the stinging sensation in her eyes. The tall blue waves crashed against the rocks below her and with each one, she felt nothing but emptiness.

"Why did I think this would work", she thought to herself. More tears welled up and fell down her cheeks. She sat hugging her knees, praying the memories would disappear.

September 11, 2001 had been such a beautiful morning. She awoke with her baby girl Sarah beside her, her husband, Steve, of two years on the other. "Life can't get much better than this!" she whispered softly. Steve stirred, peeked out of one eye, leaned up and gently kissed her on the cheek, pulling her closer to him. She lay in the warmth of the covers for a bit, and then decided she?d better get moving. Nana would arrive soon, and both she and Steve needed to get to work.

By the time Steve and Sarah came into the kitchen, Nana had arrived and the smell of fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls filled the apartment. A quick kiss to Sarah and soon they were catching the subway to work at the Trade Center. They loved New York. People rushing down the street with cell phones to their ears, briefcases in hand, all with the same goal.

They held hands as they rushed toward the elevator. Sharon gave Steve a quick kiss on the lips, mentioned that she'd meet him in the lobby at noon for lunch, and got off at the 7th floor. Steve kissed her back, squeezed her hand and went on to the 28th floor.

It was 8:40. Within minutes their lives were changed.

Now Sharon remembered the horrible events of the day and held tremendous guilt as she sat on the cliffs in Hawaii. They had purchased the tickets months ago to celebrate their anniversary. Nana had encouraged her to take the trip anyway. "Why did I come?" she sobbed, "Why can't you be here with me?"

Wiping her tears, she pulled herself up and began walking back towards her car. She rented the red convertible Steve had wanted so badly. Heading down the highway, the wind blowing in her hair, she put on the CD Steve gave her for her birthday. As she listened to the gentle sounds of Kenny G, she remembered all the great times she and Steve had in their two short years and started to smile. Her heart was filled with love and joy. She looked in the rear view mirror and her heart stopped!

In a gentle voice, Steve said to her, "I'm so glad you got the convertible honey, this is perfect! Life can't get much better than this!"

She couldn't breath. Her heart was pounding. She pulled to the side of the road and turned around in her seat. He was gone. Slowly she pulled back on the road and said, "You're right honey, life can't get much better!"

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