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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Jump with me
Dedicated to My Pal, My Love... MPH

Submitted by Bob

When we first met, we talked about your love of Kauai. You showed me pictures and told me stories about your trip to Hawaii. Of the magical time you had, the colorful people you and most importantly you told me how you were re-energized there. How you reconnected with your beauty there.

What I remember the most of our talks was of a certain waterfall in Kauai. We talked and talked about what it felt like to jump in the water. To trust and let go. To feel the beauty of the place in our souls. At the time I realized that I wanted to jump in the water with you, but I wasn't ready. Fear kept me at the edge of the water. Fear that in loving another, I'd lose myself.

Today, I know that my love for myself enhances my ability to love another. I know now (and knew then too)that in you I'd found the special person I'd been looking for all of this lifetime. I'm ready to jump with you today.

Time is what it took.
Time and love.
Love of myself.
Love of you.
Take me to your waterfall.
Hold my hand.
Kiss me.
Count to three.
Jump with me.

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