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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Kaloni - Heaven on Earth
Dedicated to God's glory and Hawaii's people.

Submitted by Gwen

It was deep in the night the first time I saw any of Hawaii. After 24 hours of traveling, I saw the lights of Honolulu blazing across the black velvet ocean like diamonds tossed into the abyss. It was so incredibly beautiful and a balm for my weary body. Little did I know this was the beginning of a love affair with this remote place born in a vast sea.

After caring for my Mom with a lengthly illness, her passing left me with a desire to go to a place of tranquility and healing. I wasn't aware, however, of the deep sense of peace I would find here and of the immense desire to return. My husband and I are nature lovers. We are not young anymore (at least not in years); but we connect to our God through the beauty and power of nature.

We have stood in awe at Volcano Park seeing the force of Madam Pele, hiked to the edge of Waip'o and Pololu and sat and watched the splendor of your sunsets. We have stood in reverence at Pearl Harbor and flown the glory of the Napoli coast. And the stars, so close from the top of Mauna Kea, we felt we could reach out and touch them!

We drank in the beauty and began to heal. However, as beautiful as everything is to the senses; there is something almost indescribable about this place. A large part of it is the hospitality and joy that the people extend to everyone. We felt at home immediately! We felt we just blended in with everyone; it was a coming home feeling. We have never felt this way at any other place we have traveled to. We have returned 3 times; and yearn to come again. I don't know if that ever will happen. My husband and I talk about "that feeling" we get when we are here. We have finally come to the conclusion that this is a holy place as well as a healing one. This is a lovely glimpse of perhaps what Paradise may resemble; not only in sight, but in that deep jouous calm so difficult to explain. This is a place for the world-weary that restores the soul. I am so full of gratitude and mahalos for the gift of knowing Hawaii.

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