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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Hawaiian Cherry Machine
Dedicated to Jim

Submitted by Patti

my husband jim and i booked a 5 night stay on oahu during his birthday and our anniversary oct 14,1996. i was sure he was not going to come back home with me. jim had visited oahu while he was in the navy and we promised each other we would go on a honeymoon there. we finally made it 13 years after we said i do. it was not the best time finacially to go away but i saw a deal and we planned well ahead. i booked us solid for 5 days including a day drip to maui for a drive to hana. we rented a convertible and off we went. the road to hana is awesome. hairpin ocean cliff turns and lush waterfall foilage surrounds you. after having dinner in "the town time forgot" and buying our i survived the road to han bumper stickers we head back. we decide to continue our trip by heading around maui and heading to the airport through paniolo town. jim nor i knew what broken dases on our trip tik meant and assumed it meant no guard rails. boy were we surprised when a few miles later it looked like the surface of the moon and we couldn't drive faster than 25 miles an hour. it felt likewere going to overheat and breakdown and die in the middle of nowhere. the roads were no longer paved and only a single lane. not a sole in sight for an hour. feared raced through me maybe this was jims plan to get rid of me for good. no he loved me i thought but i knew he shouldn't. after i received a small settlement i discoverd a cherry master and almost lost our house by gambling on electronic slot machine. who could blame jim for leaving me. i thought i smelled the engine overheating and knew i had to confess to jim how sorry i was. we stopped at a remote tree to look at how much farther to go when all of a sudden we hear a loud snort and jim and i both turn to see a wild horse nose to nose with jim. he looks at me and says goooo and i step on the gas and the horse snorts again fly down the road about 2 feet and start to laugh in side splitting burst until i have to pull over from pain. after a few more minutes of snickers jim puts his arms around me and says thanks pookie you saved my life and i see his amusement dancing in his eyes right before he kisses me deeper than i can remember. when we came up for air i told him he saved my life by beleiving i could quit gambling and save our home and marriage. he just looked for a long time with a big smile on his face and says.......honey we're all humans and as humans you never know when something will sneak up on you and bite you. with this we crack up and and still laugh to this day about our road to hana adventure. we went back to oahu and maui this time for ten nights. we again went to hana but not to the moon surface or jim's wild horse it was nice and peaceful knowing in my heart i would never worry about jim loving me because now he is proud of me for working and saving to be able to make our 3rd trip to our favorite islands. we can't wait to experience the hawaiian ohana feelings.



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