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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Returning the Favor
Dedicated to Stephen G. Meilinger

Submitted by Chrystal

More than four years ago I met a man that changed the very essense of my being, down to my very soul. I had left a very troubled and very abusive relationship, and was wary of dating and letting myself love or trust anyone. But after Stephen's words of encouragement and promises of faith - I took the plunge and entered into the most loving relationship of my life.

From the very beginning Stephen has aspired to do nothing but increase the self-esteem I lost so long ago. He as been my rock and my strength. I have grown to be a better person because of the love he has given me.

Although I try each day to return the love and compassion he has given me, I believe that I fall short in comparison.

I would like to "Return the Favor" and provide Stephen with an experience he will never forget. He has never been out of Ohio - due to a financial hardship that has provided him little extra money. He has never seen the ocean, or been on an airplane. He talks often about visiting the Islands of Hawaii and wishes that we could travel there. This would be just the opportuntiy we would need to solidfy our future and everlasting love for each other, my chance to return the many years of love and careness he has shown me.

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