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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Finally... a bride
Dedicated to Adam : my true love

Submitted by Amanda

All my life, I waited for a love that was unconditional. Something that would stand the test of time. After being in a common law relationship with the most pathetic excuse for a man and a father, love was the last thing on my mind. I have a 5 year old little girl who is the world to me.

When I first met Adam, I thought that he was very good looking. Little did I know that he was intelligent and charming as well. I met him while working at a nursing home as a CNA. He was a part of the maintanance department. A co-worker and I got his number off of his maintanance cart and I finally got up the nerve to call him two days later. After the 3 hour first conversation, I discovered that we had attended the same highschool together, we hung around the same group of people and what's more, we even worked at the same part time job at the same exact time with hours that had been identical. I was amazed that we had never met before. What really threw me off was that he had been over to my house while I was pregnant with my daughter and knew her biological father quite well.

We started dating three days after that initial call. He called me everyday after he returned from work. I was in love with him the first time he came over to the house. My daughter was a year and a half old and hated men...including her own father. She took to him like he was her long lost friend that she had not seen in a very long time. That was when I knew.

Adam was 19 and I was 20 at the time. We dated for a wonderful 3 months, then out of the blue he broke it off. I was devestated. I was in love with him. We kept in touch and eight months later dated again before breaking up again a week later. I was put through hell again. What I understood though was that Adam was deathly afraid of committment. He hated the idea of getting married and despised the whole institution. And here I was, with a child. He was scared of getting swindled and having everything he owned split with some pshyco that really did't love him. Through this all, we still remained friends.

Nine months after that, he finally came to his senses and realized that I was the one for him. He couldn't live his life to the fullest without me...and I couldn't without him. He asked us to move in two weeks after I had reluctantly gone back to him...(love is blind and very strong). six months after our reuniting, his best friend announce his engagement to his girlfriend of five years and in April of 2000, they were married. That got poor Adam to thinking. We had been off and on and always friends for close to 3 years at the time. Then, his best friend left for Hawaii the very next October. The two newly weds came to visit before they left on this new adventure and invited us to come to Hawaii for our wedding. So, that was the joke, we had 24 months to get engaged, and set a date to fly our family, friends and get married in Hawaii before they got new orders from the coast gaurd and would have to move.

Adam finally got up the courage to propose on April 14, 2001. Not only was this a feat within itself, it was nothing short of a miracle. He had this five year rule,and this thing about not getting married before 25. Here we are, going on year three of living together and he is almost 23. So, on June 1st, 2002 we will exchange vows with eachother. Not only that, he and my daughter will be exchanging vows as well, to keep a bond of a daddy and his little girl. She is so excited about this special day and he wants to get married three months ago. There is nothing more romantic that a honeymoon in Hawaii and we would both like to go there, not only to concemate our upcomming wedding but also to see our friends. Please help us get our dream honeymoon. We all would love it very much.

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