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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

With seven you get eggroll
Dedicated to Single Moms Everywhere

Submitted by Terry

Hawaii, the name most people think about when they think about sunshine, sandy beaches, warm breezes, surf, Romance, LOVE.

It has always been like an impossible dream to me. A single mother of Five,for 7 years after being married 20yrs & having him leave for the hired help. Well getting a chance to go to Hawaii seemed about as far from reality as did the thought I'd ever even get the chance of finding a gentleman who would even consider dating me until the kids were grown & long gone, let alone marry me.

After eight years of struggling with work, kids, a mother terminally ill to care for and her father (85) falling twice and breaking both hips a year apart to care for as well, losing my job, well you can imagine why I figured "who is going to take on all this, let alone 5 of someone elses kids?"

Even my ex and his wife kept asking the kids when I was going to date or get married. It had been 4-5 years by then. When the kids asked me I responded with," when I get to go to Hawaii for a honeymoon!"

Needless to say supporting the kids on little or no child support all these years has strapped my budget, let alone think seriously about getting to Hawaii. Then my mother died a year after her father did.

ut when I least expected it two years ago I was overwelmed when a gentleman I'd known for 8-9 years, who has watched the kids grow up asked me out and told a mutual friend he wanted to get married in 2-3 years.

I still haven't made it to Hawaii, and there is no guarantee I ever will, we sure can't afford it, but I keep hoping that by some miracle there will be a way for us to get there someday, even if it's just once. What better place to spend a honeymoon and fulfill a life long dream. Besides they say, Love is always better, the second time around. And besides that I think my boyfriend is pretty special to knowingly start dating and thinking of marrying me with all that I've been dealing with the last 9 years by myself. It may also be the last time we're alone for several years ahead

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