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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Awaiting Your Arrival
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Elizabeth

Dear Husband,

Although we have only been apart two weeks,I dread waiting another day without you. That trip to Australia must have been one very long flight. It would have been nice for you to have stopped in Hawaii on your way to your new job in Sydney. You could have rested under the palms on a quiet beach before traveling on that crowded plane again.

The one thing that I really miss about you is your touch. Your hands are warm when you squeeze my fingers together as we walk together through our neighborhood. You always slow down so that I can keep up with your pace.

I am awaiting your arrival after your work is done overseas. Let me know when that will be as soon as possible and I will bake your favorite cake for you to eat when you step into our kitchen door. Please hurry back and bring your big loveable self back into my world again.

Love you,

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