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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

To Korea with love
Dedicated to Julius McGowan (my husband)

Submitted by Rebecca

August 28, 1997. That was the day I received my first e-mail from my future husband.
I had been in a stormy relationship that ended by me moving in with my mother. I was 27 with a son in tow. Everything in my life had turned upside down. Love was the last thing I was looking for. My mother on the other hand, had been a widow for a few years, and was seeking new friends via the Internet. One day, she asked me to read a profile she had written for a web site dedicated to finding love. She couldn't understand why no one had emailed her in response to her ad. I read it, and determined she just needed to add a little more spice. I offered to give an example by creating a profile of myself for the website. Within a few days, I had men writing me from all over the place. I quickly let it be known that I was looking for penpals only, since I was still recovering from my previous relationship.
One day, I received an e-mail from a Texan living in Korea. He was a civilian working for a defense contractor, and was just looking for a few American females to correspond with. I decided he was a safe bet to write back, so I replied. It turns out I was the only one who replied.
He wrote often, and we got to know each other quickly. My 28th birthday came and he sent me 28 long stem roses. Winter came, and he sent me beautiful blankets made in Korea. Postcards came, just to keep me from being lonely. Soon, I realized that this was a special person who I had to meet.

November 17, 1997. The day I flew to Korea to meet my soulmate. I spent ten days the first time, but by the time we became engaged, I had flown to Korea on three separate occasion's, and had spent over six months at his side. He was and still is the most wonderful, and loving individual you could ever hope to meet.
Wedding plans were suggested and rapidly dismissed. I wanted to be married somewhere beautiful and unique. I wanted a place close to Korea, where we were living, yet easy enough for family to travel. I wanted carefree sandy beaches and cool, sultry breezes. I wanted Hawaii.

July 6, 1999. My wedding day!
Our wedding was held at sunset, near Waikiki Beach. The Plumeria flowers surrounded us, making every breath we took sweet and intoxicating. In the background, the ocean played like a seasoned orchestra; soft and soothing sounds for our souls. Everything was perfect. Our vows were exchanged, and a new bond was created. We were now husband and wife.

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