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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

It could have been my eyes
Dedicated to My Soul Mate

Submitted by M

Hawaii, the island that filled me with a spirit of love and life -- a gift as it is so gracefully given to us by God. The islands with their beautiful flowers, striking sunsets, rolling waves, and soothing waterfalls all bring this truth to the forefront -- that we are already in Heaven.

It was soon after this magical visit to the island of Oahu, that nature took it's course and allowed me to find my one and only true love, the love of my life, my best friend -- my soul mate.

With the spirit of the islands still running through my veins, it only seemed natural to fall so deeply in love this man. Upon speaking with him for the first time, our conversation was filled with my story of Hawaii, and it's beauty. My hope was to share the experience - to bring him there. It was love when he listened, and was there with me. It was love when all that he could see was what I saw for the moment. It's a wonder to me that maybe my passionate talk about my visit intrigued him. It could have been my face or my smile. It could have been my eyes. Or perhaps it was my startling amazement as I described the black sand beaches and the sting of the heat as you walked on it. Or perhaps it was my bold fascination with the island tunes, and the moving Hawaiian dancing telling us island stories. Or maybe, it was my spirit of loving, and living that ran strong through me, into him, that made us one. Somehow, Hawaii brought us closer -- closer than we ever thought could be humanly possible.

Almost fourteen years forward in time from that day -- it is still vivid and colorful and amazing as it once was as if no time had ever passed -- as love should be, timeless.

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