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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Pearl Harbor
Dedicated to To My Wife Karen.

Submitted by Larry

The warm air the wonderment of the clouds and sky, the sun and surf, what does my wife love the best besides me, Pearl Harbor. It gives us such a warm wonderfull, comforting feeling to be a part of history to see it. We were born before the war but feel so proud of our U.S.A and how these people lost their lives saving our nation.

We have been to Hawaii 10 times and have seen Pearl Harbor 9 times. The one we missed made my wife so mad, there was an oil spill and we checked the whole time we were on the big Island, on the news to see if the next week on Oahu we could see it.

Ofcouse if took longer to clean up and we didn't see it and made us very sad. My wife even said she would go help clean it up just to see the tour and feel the love she has for it, the history.

We didn't know any of the lost military but the felling is the same as if we had. If there is one site in the world to see Pearl Harbor is it. It makes you proud to be an American.

Timeless love of the men lost we never knew. Our hearts and prayers go to these men that fought so stong to make our nation great. I see why my wife loves these islands and Pearl Harbor so much. She makes me feel it with her eyes and expression as I watch her feel it on this tour.

These men should never be forgotten and she will make sure they aren't. She tells our grandkids about the history and shows the videos. She will let the grandkids know the special feeling this place gives and hope they can visit one day to get this American feelings she has shown me.

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