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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Pen Pals Forever
Dedicated to Jacquie

Submitted by Karen

I was with my husband one day on a lake in our boat. He fished as he calls it I call it drowning worms. I just like to relax in the sun and read.

I took along a womans Day magazine to get recipes and see the crafts. I saw in the front of the book a pen pal section and one crafter wants to write to another. I have never had a pen pal and really wanted to write but didn't. It played on my mind for a few month finally I wrote, thinking nothing would ever come of it. The lady that placed the artical had so many responses she gave half the mail to the first person that wrote her. The person lives in the Florida Keys and picked one person from each state to respond to. I was the only one from Calif so I got choosen.

She wrote to me at the time of my life I was having the most problems, son problems, and mom had a stroke. I couldn't find time to write her but the letters were waiting 2 times a week for me and made my days. She never let me down and now she is my best friend. She loves my stories of Hawaii and wishes to visit one day. I hope we can make it together. I love this lady almost as much as my husband. She is my friend, my companion, my confidant

The distance between us is okay we email every day and visit each other every year.I never knew a friend could be so special to me and waiting so long to finally write to the pen pal gave me the person I now call best friend I could ever want.

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