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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

He is my Angel
Dedicated to Keoni

Submitted by Barbie

This is my life open before you like a book. I am simply a girl, that can laugh and cry and bleed like all others. In search of something but not sure waht it is. Longing to know where it is that I belong. Desperate to forgive the one that hurt my past. In search of warmth and a breath of life. I asked upon God one day to fill my heart with the warmth that I have longed for and to allow my pain to ease and to begin my forgiveness of my past. To lift the veil of my eyes so I can see into a future of happiness.

Until one day God send me an angel. Guided by the light in my heart and by the scent of my breath. But with the burden of distance. The torturous pain in my heart that my angel lives where between us lies a whole country and ocean. With the fear and doubts that come with love.

My angel came to me on line with the words "You have mail", like hundreds of others so willing to send me their pictures, I opened my mail to find my self starring in total disbelief at a man that I knew from the minute my eyes saw his was my destiny. He was my angel so perfect in ways that only God could of allowed it to be through so much distance. He was my breath of life and the fire under my skin that filled my heart with warmth then and still on till forever. He is Keoni, my angel. He lives in the most amazing paradise on earth. The most perfect balance of nature like no other. A place only compared to as a true garden of eden. He lives in Hawaii. He has captured my heart like no other. With his stories of culture and a paradise so real its what my dreams are made of. His poems are mesmerizing as he describes in words what only the heart can feel and the eyes can see that would leave any human in total awe. He shares with me his paradise every day thru pictures and thaugths. He fills my heart with laughter and tears. We are truly in love. In love with our words and our souls and each other. Yet we have never met. We believe in destiny. And have allowed our hearts to be guided by desire. I will one day fly to the arms of my love, to learn what I already know this is where I belong. My dreams of a girl in search of her Prince, have turned into a reality. I long to be united with the man in my dreams. The hard reality is due to persoanl issues we are not able to meet till next summer. My business wont allow me to travel till then and he is not able to come here just yet. So we continue to be each others hope, dreams, and fantasy. For as long as we are in each others heart the determiantion to achieve any obstacles between us deepens like our love. I only hold one fear of meeting my love the fear that along with him I will also fall in love with the perfection of an island so magical that for now I can only dream of. The fear of being finally in the arms of my angel and in the paradise he calls home, not beign able to let go. I shared these fears with him one day and his answer to me was as comforting as the day I took that breath of life. He said to me "dont ever let me go". My visit to the Big Island of Hawaii will be fullfilling not just a dream, but a lifetime. This is where I belong.

I love you my angel,
Aloha Barbie
The one you call beautiful.

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