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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

50 Aint Nothin!
Dedicated to Sue Yeager

Submitted by Alfred

People around the world all measure time in some way. Some in moons, some in years, some by the seasons, some by the tides.

But to me, time is measured by events and happenings. I remember learning to tie my shoe. I remember catching a lizard and keeping him in a jar on the living room coffee table till I was made to let him go. I remember the time a buddy and I roped an old cow so we could ride her and get some practice for the rodeo. She fell and I dislocated my shoulder, I remember this every time I try to lift somthing over my head!

I remember a girl I met at a country music concert way back in the summer of 1969, Woodstock was not the only thing happening back then!

I remember children, broken bones, apendicitis, grade school plays, graduations and those same children leaving home to make it on their own.

These are all ways that I measure time.

Do you remember that girl I met at the country music show? Well I can't forget her for you see we have been married now for over thirty years and she reminds me of all these thing and more when ever I am lucky enough to spend a little time relaxing together on the beach.

Time is now measured by us with different aniversaries, the Grand Canyon, Paris, Colorado, and Mexico.

Number thirty was the best! We spent our time in Kauai, the beauty of the mountains the rain the surf, they all tried to out do the beauty of my bride, but together they created the most accurate measure of time yet! An unending love for bothe a woman and a place. When thougt of together or seperatley, Hawaii, Sue, Sue, Hawaii, vision of warmth and beauty fill me with a longing for bothe.

So the next roadmark on our time line will be the Big Island of Hawaii!

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