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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

What is Love?
Dedicated to Linwood

Submitted by Shannon

How do you know that you are in love? It's so difficult to explain. It's not really just a moment, just a touch, just a feeling... it's a million things and yet nothing at all...

So, here's my futile attempt at answering that question for myself. How do I know I'm in love? I know I'm in love because.......

The thought of him in the middle of the day makes me smile
Fighting with him is not as entertaining as when I fought with the others
I will do most anything to avoid hurting him
I put him before myself and he does the same
I am respected and adored and I respect and adore him
Pleasing him makes me happier than anything else I have done all day
We don't have to be in Hawaii or Cancun to be on a holiday with each other

But you see, as beautiful as that all sounds, there are some problems with love. It can and does hurt. It can and does cloud your vision. It can and does evoke strange feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and selfishness. You can and do lose yourself to it.

Love is a strange mix of things. It has to be put before all else. It can't be allowed to get run down and neglected. At the beginning of love...things are often easy. Maintaining it, however, is a conscious choice. It's a choice as to whether you take the time, thought, energy, and consideration to make love continue as it was in the beginning. It's a choice not to walk away when the ugly side of commitment appears. It's a choice not to say those hurtful words that YOU CAN'T TAKE BACK.

So, again, what is love? I suppose there are many stages of love, but to get to the lasting kind takes a lot of hard-work, dedication, and commitment. The lasting kind requires you to work as hard at the relationship as you would to getting a promotion or a raise. The lasting kind requires a reciprocal agreement to put the other person's needs before your own. The lasting kind takes the most work, but is also the most beautiful and fulfilling.The lasting kind is all of those wonderful things I wrote above and a million more that I can't even begin to's a million contradictions and it's everything you've ever heard in a love song... It's a lifetime of togetherness you build on one day at a time.

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