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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love For Life
Dedicated to Jill sanders

Submitted by Jon

I had a dream where I couldn't wake up and I didn't want to and after you here this I don't think you would want to either. Ok well it started at school when I liked this one girl her name was.... Jill, she was very pretty and I had the urge to just go up to her and ask her out, so I did. And so we started going out and then I fell in love with this girl. So when I woke up everyday I would see her in my heart and in my head I new that I loved her because I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. So I grew up with her in my life, then before I knew it we were married and we had 4 kids their names were Josh, Emily, Brad and Zack. We loved how little Emily called us mommy and daddy it was so cute. And Joshes eyes were beautiful just like his mother's. Brad always liked to lay in the beach and hang out in the sand with the hot sun on him, and Zack was quiet he knew something was up. So I said Zack what are you thinking, Zack said? Well daddy you and mommy love each other right? Yes Zack very much so, and he said, well how did you guys stay together your whole life well when we were kids I said Jill I want to stay with you forever until you die. And so we did and I never loved anyone else more than her and we loved each other so much that we got married and had you guys now you guys are, our favorite thing in the world. Daddy what's love really mean well Zack, love is when you and another person have special feelings about each other in other words you are willing to do anything for them. Like what dad? Well like anything I would die for your mom and I practically did I have spent my whole life with her and I have loved every little bit of it. Having you guys is the second best thing that has ever happened to me. What was the first thing daddy? Well when I met Jill, if I never would of met her I would not have had you or a life I love her with all my heart and that wont change, whether we fight or not I will always love her with everything I have. I don't need the fancy cars I don't need the big house all I need is her love and that's my food my shelter and my protection... then I fell asleep in the dream and then when I woke up I was living the life I had in my dream but I was a 14 year old boy but still in love with the love of my life... Jill. And I didn't live with a family of my own I lived with my parents and my brother and she lived with her two sisters her mom, dad and her brother. We were in school just like in the beginning of my dream. And I noticed I was standing next to my life. And I wont let anything happen to that life because I love her and she loves me and. If you lose a friend you lose them all and yourself. Don't lose one to begin with and you ok for the rest of your life...

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