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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Hawaii - The First Cruise
Dedicated to David

Submitted by Dorothy

I'd only been back to my apartment for 8 hours when my phone rang. "Hi" a voice I remembered very well came across the miles from Michigan to Washington State. "Just wanted to tell you that I had a great cruise and enjoyed meeting you and introducing to my 2 brothers and their wives." I thought of hanging up on him even though I'd enjoyed Hawaii and seeing it with him. I had told him I would not see him again after my return to Washington. I would go back to my real world, job and daily routines. No more Hawaii, no more David. "We'll just talk once a week," he tells me softly, "and see where it goes." I agreed to that, seemed easy, miles between us, safe....sure.

Two years later we were married and returned to Hawaii (just David and I this time).

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