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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

And So She Came
Dedicated to Don

Submitted by Linda

They say they see her there from time to time, kneeling beside his grave and, as was the custom, carefully pulling at every blade of disrespectful grass that covered it. How could that be? She herself now lay close beside him. But she had come so many days before, so many months and years of days. Only she knew just how many. She came to lovingly curry the bare soil, to remove the grass and weeds, to straighten the border of beautiful shells that encircled her beloved. Holding the shells close always brought a smile to her tired, old face as she was returned again to the warm days of their anniversary visits to Hawaii. She remembered fondly the bejeweled waters caressing the beaches of many colored sands. She remembered the animation of the friendly merchant's story of the shells, and how she and her beloved had felt so at peace with the take-it-as-it-comes lifestyle. The remembrance of the clouds of rainbow mist watering the ancient mountaintops refreshed her old soul, as well.

Then the letter came. It seemed that the loving care of her hands was to be replaced by the impersonal machines of the Perpetual Care Society. The grave was flattened, grass planted over the top, and her lovely shells broken and tossed away. Tears came for the first time since she had lost him those many years before. Tears of anger, tears of loss, tears of helplessness rained on that disrespectful grass.

She didn't come much after that. After finding one of the beautiful shells that had survived the desecration, she didn't visit at all. Then one day, she came back to stay, on his left side, close to his heart.

People say they see her there from time to time, kneeling beside him, currying and rearranging and pulling at that grass. How could that be? I don't know. Love is something stronger than time, its power unexplainable. I do know that The Perpetual Care Society has planted and replanted grass on those two graves. And I do know that it just won't grow.

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