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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Answered Prayers
Dedicated to Jimmy

Submitted by Brenda

I asked of God a simple prayer to take away all my despair,
Low and behold, I opened my eyes, to find you lying by my side.
your skin pressed softly next to mine, your breath so warm and face so kind
A gentle grin, and heart of gold, all in my arms for me to hold.
A special look came from your eyes, it showed a heart the same as mine
A softness that I had yet to see, and tenderness that weakened me
I pinched myself just to see, if you were real, and here with me.
No words were said, just instant love, sent to us from up above

You slipped your arm around my soul, and whispered softly, I love you so
carressed my heart with your very own, and time stood still, as we became whole
You took my hand and led me through the looking glass of the new moon,
in total awe I was swept away, and knew this is where I'd always stay.

A shining star from up above marked the spot we fell in love
shining down upon your face, lost together in a warm embrace
It felt so real so deep and true, I knew that God must have sent you
My Angel from heavens gate, true love, destiny, must be fate.
I searched the world, till I found you, Now there is only one thing left to do
love you till the day I die, and with my last breath, I will sigh,...You are my life
my very soul, without your love I am not whole, you have my heart in your hand
to walk beside, and make our stand. To show you daily, my love is true,
to make each day feel brand new...I will cherish each moment, as though its the last
look toward our future, not to our past...brighten your smile, with love so rare,
that just by a look you'll know I care.

I asked of God a simple prayer, for a love so strong, do I dare?
I found my light , I found my soul, a heart so full, finally whole
your smile to me a looking glass, of raw emotion thats going to last.
So yes, I do, when its you and I, pray for love that will never die......

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