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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Forever Love
Dedicated to Jimmy

Submitted by Brenda

We had been planning to be married on August 9th of 1996. The arrangements were made and the excitement was really starting to stir...

We were both on our second marriages, but knew this was the right one. It wasn't until two days before the planned wedding that Jimmy was informed he was not allowed to be wed as of yet, as he was still legally married to his previous wife... Brenda being devastated, thought her world had ended, but decided because the guests were there and the bookings booked, to go through with a ceremony... So that was the day that Jimmy and Brenda had their promisary wedding.

The only thing they hadn't booked was their honeymoon, as it had to be arranged around his work schedule... Brenda and Jimmy's dream honeymoon, a once in a life time experience was a trip to Hawaii... Brenda had been dreaming of Hawaii since she was a very young girl. Jimmy being the caring husband he was, wanted her to have all her heart desired.

It wasn't until a year later that we realized that the stresses of the job, and ex spouses would come to cause impossibilities for us to reach our Hawaiian vacation. So without going we put yet another dream on hold again.

Still waiting for the real wedding, and still waiting for their dream vacation, we both know that if it never happens, we will always, always have each other, from now until forever... I love you Jimmy

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