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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A white Rose in Hawaii
Dedicated to Ron Myers

Submitted by Deborah

It seemed like it was so long ago, the day I told him about my story. The story I had written in my head as a child. Children have such visions of love and romance. You know, the kind of love found only in storybooks. Stories about kings and the beautiful princess they fall in love with. The romantic knights and their white horses, riding off to save the virtue of a beautiful woman.

Well, my story was similar, but It also had a bad guy in it. A villian, that I needed to be rescued from. I was young and in love, or so I thought. He was beatiful with dark eyes and skin and seemed very worldly and wise. I didn't know that with all the good looks and wisdom that he had a dark side as well.

He could be so charming, it was almost scary at times. He could hold my thoughts in the palm of his hand, and he also knew what I was thinking or how I would react to any situation that he may have created. To put it simply, he was pure evil. My little girl heart didn't see this side of him right away, it took many months of abuse for me to finally see the monster lurking behind his eyes and in his soul.

When I finally got the courage to leave, I was alone and very afraid. I just knew he would find me. One day I ran into a local tavern just needing to get away from my own thoughts and fears, and to spend time in a place surrounded by people I didn't know.

Off in the distance watching a basketball game, stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. I stood no chance of catching his eyes, after all I was battered and broken in both mind and spirt, but suddenly he smiled at and started to walk towards me. I couldn't look at him and I certainly could'nt return the smile. You see, I was afraid once more, but not of a monster. There was no monster in those eyes. They were eyes of deep kindness and warmth.

When he spoke to me, I felt myself melting. All those years of being afraid were melting away as well. We talked for hours and hours, it seemed that he knew me better then I knew myself. Our fate was sealed that night, we would be together forever.

Many years have passed since that night, we now have three children and have been married for sixteen years. He has been telling me that I should write my childhood novel, the one that has been in my head since I was very young. There just never seems to be enough money or time.

We had talked about spending our honeymoon in Hawaii, neither of us has ever been there. It didn't happen when we were married, so we talked about going for our ten year anniversary. Instead we send our children to camp for a week. We talked about our fifteen year anniversary in Hawaii, but that too has come and gone.

I have deceided that I would love to start my book in Hawaii, because I can't think of a more perfect place to write the most romantic story ever written, " A white Rose in Hawaii." Everything would be perfect.

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