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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Just one glance
Dedicated to Tina, my wife, forever

Submitted by Charlie

It was a cold autumn day in the city, not quite noon, and not near as warm as I would have liked. A chilly breeze toyed with the leaves around my feet as I walked along a quiet street, occasionally glancing about me as there are always safer parts of the city to be in. But now, looking back, there is no place in the world I would rather have been that day.

As I approached my destination, a brief glance across the way revealed the sight of HER, walking toward the same building I was. My heart still warms as I think back to that moment. I can picture her clearly in my mind, holding her coat about her and walking briskly in the cold wind, coming from across the street toward the building I was about to enter. She was, quite simply, beautiful. As I turned and went inside, I thought "Hmmmm...". Clearly this was not a very profound thought for one to have, yet it was that lone moment that started a most wonderful chain of events in my life.

The following weeks found me looking for her more often, and always spotting her either entering or exiting that building. Each glimpse elicited the same profound thinking as at first. It didn't take long for me to learn to adjust my stride so that I could meet her at the entrance, hold the door open, and offer her a smile. Within a short time I had managed to 'volunteer' to care for the building's outside flower garden, thus offering many more chances to actually wait for her and exchange pleasantries. She saw through my new 'work assignment' almost immediately, but continued to stop and chat with me each day, not hinting she was the wiser.

After having seen women drop the ever-so-subtle 'not interested' hints in the past, I found myself now noting how unnerving the absence of these hints was. Still, I took it slow, assuring myself that I was either dreaming or was about to be hit by a train, and that somehow fate had no one else to toy with at the moment. Then came the turning point. I decided to see how much rope fate would give me, and asked her if I could stop by her place for lunch that weekend, as I would be in her area. I figured if she really was interested, she'd allow this rather forward request. Even if she thought I was odd and turned me down, I was hoping that I would be able to tell by her reaction if there was any real interest. Well guess what - she both looked at me as if I was odd and then said I was welcome stop by.

Things sped up dramatically after that, and we were soon engaged. Shortly before we were married a job opened up for me in Hawaii. "You mean people can LIVE in Hawaii?" I asked in my usual profound manner. Immediately after our wedding we were on a plane to these islands, in which we have been privileged to share our years together. I love you now more than ever, and sometimes torture myself with the thought of how sad I would be if I had not glanced your direction that cold, lonely day...

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