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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A dream unfulfilled
Dedicated to Michael Ryan Sr

Submitted by Michael

Hawaii, the land of beauty and romance, has been my father's dream since he was in the service. Early memories from my childhood tell of my father's dream to visit the mystical islands, and walk the heavenly sand beaches of Hawaii. Many of my father's military colleagues had occasion to serve in Hawaii. They would swap stories about an island paradise with all the beautiful wonders of the world to see, smell and touch. But my father's dream was never realized. He died prematurely and did not complete his journey to see paradise on earth.

In his dying breath, he passed the torch onto my wife and me: "Please visit Hawaii in your lifetime so I can rest eternally, knowing that my only son and my daughter-in-law completed my journey." I pledged to him then that one moment in time, my wife and I would fulfill his dream. Since we had not had a real honeymoon, I felt certain that we would complete his journey. But in 1997, I realized that my days on earth might be numbered. I suffered a serious heart attack and had quadruple by-pass surgery. I'm doing fine now. It was a life experience that caused me to reflect on my own mortality and that my father's dream may go unfulfilled.

But life is filled with many twists and turns. Now with three children: two girls currently in college and a son about to enter, it is difficult to make ends meet. Old men dream dreams and young men see visions. Perhaps I should have attempted the dream at a younger age. But that was not meant to be. Then, recently, my wife was reading the newspaper and clipped out the contest for Valentine's Day. I felt that I had to write to let you know of a man's dream, a love story of Hawaii that was not fulfilled. While I may not be the best writer in the world, and may not win your contest, this is a real Love Story of Hawaii. It is my father's love story and now it has become our (my wife and me) love story to fulfill a dream of a man who walked quietly among the din and left one legacy to me - make life better for those you meet along your way. I am convinced that God will let me live long enough and provide the resources for me and my wife to fulfill our love story of Hawaii.

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