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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Ahh Life
Dedicated to Anyone Who Has Loved

Submitted by Jill

Reflecting back over the years.... it must have been love. I met Steve while he was still in college. I was new to the state and knew no one; he knew (what seemed) everyone. We had some of the most fun for a few months. Then without much warning he told me of another guy. I would have to learn to share Steve's time or move on. I chose to stay. The budget was extremely tight. I was supporting all of us while they both went to school.

We always talked of marriage and seven years later we did it! Got Married. Our wedding was of Hawaiian theme. We sent invitations requiring our guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt or dress. The weather was a perfect 108 degrees. The day before, we dug the hole for the pig roast and invited our closest friends over for the all-night vigil. We even handed out plastic "leis" on the wedding day for all our guests to sport. Everyone thought we would take off for Hawaii after the wedding given its theme. My father-in-law had an all expense paid trip planned. My husband and his dad left the next day for a weeklong fishing trip.

A couple of years passed and I decided I needed another man in my life. (After all, he had someone else to share his fun time with). We both welcomed the "new guy" into our lives. I spent a lot of time with him. Catered to his every need, supported him, and loved him. That wasn't enough. I wanted more. For variation I thought another woman in the house would make things interesting...very interesting. The first guy we spent so much time with moved out after graduation claiming he wanted to explore new things. The rest of us moved to a new state and have a new life to begin. It's now my husband Steve's turn to support all of us. My stepson, with whom I first shared my husband with and our son and daughter. Don't sweat the small stuff. Cherish the relationships you have with those who love you. We only have one shot at life and then it's gone.

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