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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dedicated to Carol

Submitted by Daniel

Let me start at the basics. I meet my fiancee on a chance. I'm from Hawaii and she is from Wisconsin. We both worked for Nordstrom at the time and we both found our way to the Mall of America, in Minnesota. Carol worked in the Brass Rail department and I worked in the Loss Prevention department. We knew each other and I think that we were attracted to each other but the cards were not right. Not like I knew it then, but in reflection, it felt like that movie "When Harry meet Sally" when Billy Crystal meets Meg Ryan but they just didn't click. Anyway, I returned to Seattle and she moved to Chicago and our lives moved on. Years went by and so did our lives. I grew older. I left Nordstrom to work at Old Navy. I never heard from Carol and it is safe to say that my attention was focused on other priorities. Here is the part that blows my mind every time I think about it. Was I just in the right place at the right time or did God play some sort of intervention in bringing us together? One day, Carol comes walking into the place that I work. I did not see her that day, however, she says that she saw me. She asks sales associate if I was me and she left her name. The sales person later told me that someone stopped by but they could not remember her name. God was trying to do some magic, but I missed the pass. One week goes by and Carol makes a second attempt. On the day that Carol walked into my job, something special happened. When I was escalating down to the second floor to see her, I felt nervous and excited. I couldn't really understand those feeling because I was not in the market for a new romance. I mean, she was just a friend that I knew briefly in Minnesota. I thought that I could show her the city and that we could be friends. When I saw her something in my mind changed. I saw Carol standing in front of a rack of clothes. She had a wonderful warm smile on my face that made me curious. She did not see me, but I noticed the brief exchange that she had with the sales associate. She was so warm to this perfect stranger that it made me even more curious. I was nervous and my throat got dry. "Hey, how are you" are the only words that I could muster out of my voice. I fell into her warm gaze and her wonderful persona. Her eyes are so big and brown that they can only be compared to the feelings associated with "feeling safe". I was falling. Falling like a child tripping on soft gravel. I felt the impact coming, but made no attempt to save myself. God willing, I will be with her forever.

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