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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

We Did It!
Dedicated to my hubby "Jive"

Submitted by Janice

He came into my life at age 17 whensports were still more important than "boys" to me.
Always a gentleman and friend, he went along with my whims and we were good friends you see.

Well, 8 years pass and I have completed nursing school,
he has gone into the Army for 2 years and "distance" now weaves its magic spell.

A lotof love has now grown strong and so we wed and have three young ones, which is swell!

In our 40 years, which fly by, we have our ups and downs. Our children grow healthy, spiritually and mentally and so our love prevails.

In our "golden years" we still have the best of all worlds - our love our children and grandchildren. Who could ask for anything more? Love is great when shared and even more important as time "marches on". The Hawaii rainbow has been good to us and we hope to say "aloha"

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