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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hidden Answer
Dedicated to Lloyd (Cotton) Hodgson

Submitted by Michael

It was raining lightly on the tin roof that morning long ago. Like others in the cabin, I was just waking up. Mom was preparing breakfast and I could smell the coffee(1). Later in the day, we were heading to the mountain(2)for a day of skiing, my whole family. My Dad has planned this and other events long before we came to this beautiful place and this unique cabin, right on the beach. It was located on one of the most well known streets in all the world(3). I don't know how he got the cabin since it is surely booked way in advance.

After breakfast of some strange but delicious pastry(4) and fresh juice(5), we hopped in the SUV and before long were speeding down the slopes of the tallest mountain in the world. Later in the day we would go surfing and swimming in another famous spot at the North end of the island(6).

When we were tired of the slopes, we drove down the mountain and into what appeared to be total desolation, like what the moon might look like(7). We could see the smoke from the nearby fissure in the distance as we drove.

An hour or so later we ended up at a harbor where the water was warm and clear(8). Scuba diving could not have been better and the snorkeling was the very best. I took several picutres of the hundreds of colorful fish as well as my sisters and brother.

I didn't want to leave but it was time to head North to the surfing beach and more water fun
On the way back to the cabin, we passed many fascinating sites such as the great temples(9) built to strange but powerful gods of the day. We also saw what looked like a village, one that might have existed hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago. What a way to live. I'll bet traffic congestion didn't exist then.
As we drove into the driveway of the cabin, I realized the answer to a question that was on my mind these past few days and one that I had asked myself over and over again. I finally realized that I was in fact, in love with the Big Island of Hawaii!

Legend: (1) Kona Coffee; (2) Mauna Kea; (3) Alii Drive; (4) Malasadas; (5) POG; (6) Hapuna Beach; (7) Volcano National Park; (8) Kaleakekua Bay; (9) Haeiu

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