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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Sally Leichter

Submitted by Larry

Seeing her for the first time that cold autumn night in December, 1970, I knew this young woman would be my wife. Perhaps she knew it too, only without her glasses, all she saw was a blur in an argyle sweater. My love for this 18 year old girl continues to this day, even though we honeymooned in Nassau, not Hawaii, and we have vacationed throughout this great country but not Hawaii. And yet, as the thirtieth year anniversary of our first meeting approaches, I thought it would be nice to take her to our thirtieth state. The problem I am having is I do not know which state that is. Our son is 22 and our daughter is 24. Subtracting the two numbers gives us the number two. What is significant about this is Pennsylvania was the second state admitted to the union and we met in Philadelphia. By placing the number 2 under the 3 in 30, and adding this up, we arrive at the number 50. Therefore, it is only fitting that we spend our thirtieth year of meeting in the fiftieth state to be admitted to the union. Our love must never extinquish and to do so, we must fulfill this prophecy.

More amazing than this is the fact my wonderful Sallyjo was born in 1952 and I in 1948. She will be 48 and I 52 at the time of our thirtieth meeting's anniversary, the true end of the century. Averaging them both out equals the number 50. This being a double omen, we have no choice but to travel to Hawaii in the year 2000 to meet our destiny. To do so as a guest of the state would cement our love for another fifty years. Our true fiftieth wedding aniversary, which will be in the year 2023, must also take place in Hawaii, for the amazing numbers game continues. The month is May, the day, the 20th. Taking 5+20+2023 will total 5, and with an added O for our continuing circle of love, we once again arrive at the number 50, the fiftieth state, the only place that we can go to show our undying love for one another, a love that will last throughout eternity!

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