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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Dreams come true
Dedicated to My Wife Nena

Submitted by Louis

It was a fine early fall day in early 1960 when my mother went into a store to purchase a dress. As she pushed the curtain aside to go into the dressing room to try the dress on the curtain rod came down striking her on the temple. This accident set in motion a chain of events that would lead me to my wife of 37 years.

In the hospital, because of her temporary blindness, she had to be fed by a student nurse. The young Italian student nurse that took care of her saw a picture of a young Marine in his dress blues on the side of her bed. "Who is that?" the student nurse asked. My Italian mother, who was always on the lookout for a nice Italian girl for her son, replied. " That's my son. He is stationed in California. Would you liked to write to him?" Three months went by before the student nurse got up the courage to write. She did it in the form of a Christmas card, explaining how she got my address. Unfortunately I had been home on a 2-week leave over Christmas and my mother had forgotten all about telling the student nurse to write. We corresponded over the next three months and then I was shipped out on the USS Mitchell to Japan for the next 14 months. On the trip from California to Japan the ship stopped in Hawaii for 36 hours and we were allowed to go on shore leave. I took a bus down to Waikiki beach and was in awe of the beauty of it. I said someday I would come back.

The student nurse and I wrote, almost on a daily basis, for the next 14 months and became fairly close through letters and pictures. When I came back to the states, in June of 1961, the first thing I did was go to her house to see here. Her mother said that she was at the local Hospital doing Nurses training. I went to the hospital to have her paged. I was walking down the hall dressed in my best uniform when she came out of her classroom. We met for the first time. I tried to kiss her; she turned away, and said she was instantly turned off my forwardness. Later that evening, after supper with her parents, I was helping her do the dishes. I told here " you might get mad at me for saying this, but I'm going to marry you. " She said, "you're awfully sure of yourself." But over time she said I grew on her " like a fungus". We were married 17 months later. It took many years, but I did get back to Hawaii for our 35th wedding anniversary. As my bride of 35 years and I walked hand in hand along Waikiki beach I thought back to the dream I had a young Marine. Sometimes all your dreams do come true.

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