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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Later in Life Loving
Dedicated to Senior Citizens Everywhere

Submitted by Mary

As you can tell by the title, our love story begins rather late in life. I am 69, Doug is 73 and both of us have lost our spouses to cancer. Doug and I had know each other for many years when our families were young, we lived in the same neighborhood. Our children remained close through the years and Doug's wife and I, were the best of friends, sharing recipies, baby-sitting, hobbies, etc. As life goes, they moved from the neighborhood to Whidby Island and although we always remained close friends, we did not see each other much. My son felt that the two of us should get together because we were kind of in the same boat. It is not easy for any man or woman to start dating again, but when you are our age it poses a new set of challenges.

We had a whole lot of "firsts" to go through and if it wasn't for our sense of humors, we never would have made it. We somehow managed to laugh our way through the first kiss, our first trip together (Hawaii), our first bathing suit expose' - at our age not a pretty sight, and yes our first sexual encounter. I was very uncomfortable with the fact that we were not married and traveling together. There was some stumbling over names and embarrassment on my part, when we checked into our condo on Kauai. One look at that beautiful beach and we soon forgot we weren't married. The peaceful and seren surroundings made us both feel more relaxed and we were soon unwinding. I asked Doug if he thought it was a sin that we were sleeping together and his answer to that was "It would be a sin if we didn't." Nice way to put it. There is kind of gentleness and yet excitment on the islands and in our relationship. Each day is so special. Besides the sound of the surf we were awakened each morning by the crowing of a country rooster. It seemed sa strange place for a rooster , but I loved the wake up call. I asked Doug, how he liked hearing a rooster crow every morning and his reply was "What rooster, I thought that was me". See what I mean about humor.

Some how we have survived the first gathering of our combined kids and grandchildren, in fact they keep us busy and seem to really like having us around. All of these are different "firsts" then when we were young teenagers, but those "firsts" were not so easy either. We have learned that age makes no difference. It is still wonderul to feel your heart skip a beat (and know that it is not a heart attack) and have that wonderful glow of love and happiness. Both of us were sure these feelings would never be in our life again. So hang in there all you seniors out there, it is true, the best is yet to be. Epilogue: We are now engaged and still enjoying many "firsts".

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