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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Beach Without Footprints
Dedicated to Wendy

Submitted by Charles

We were married December 22, 1985. I managed to keep our honeymoon destination a surprise from my wife. She thought we might be spending a secluded winter week at the Jersey Shore(a special place to us). But when she came down the steps of our 2nd floor apartment Christmas morning wearing a flannel shirt and my down vest, expecting to throw her bag in the back of my little station wagon, a beautiful silver stretch limo was waiting with a rose and playing country music. When we finally arrived at Lihue Airport in the "Garden Island" of Kauai, we both knew we were entering a paradise we would never forget.

Looking through the guide books, what caught my eye in choosing this honeymoon island was the intriguing lure of finding a "beach without footprints"(something we've never found at the Jersey shore). At the airport we rented a Toyota Camry. We were amazed at how it handled the crazy hills around the island so beautifully, only to realize we had it in "overdrive" the entire time. We were awed by the island's garden beauty. Colorful flowers everywhere, even on our pillows. Our senses filled with fragrant berries and torchlight evenings. Our hotel, the Waiohai Resort, was a giant luxurious playground with a pool surrounding a semisunken bar and grill with mouth-watering smells. One night we dined in the Tamarid Room where we shared a Macadamia nut souffle for desert(which had to be ordered 5 hours in advance). That night we vowed to return for our 50th anniversary. What were we thinking...50 years? Now we're shooting for 25. Our youngest(third) child will probably be going off to college then.

Hawaii was pure play and beauty. As much as we did and enjoyed then, we could not have imagined how much more we would appreciate it now. We were young and felt young and free. We stopped at scenic overviews every couple of miles; the Kalalow Valley Lookout above the clouds, Mt. Waialeale-"the wettest spot on earth". We marched on the "barking sands" and changed into swimsuits in the back of our Camry. We followed rivers just because they were there; explored unexplored gorges around NaPali; drove through sugar cane plantations chewing the sweet bark and drove through a tunnel of eucalyptus trees to find a rainbow on the other side. The Waimea Canyon(a mini Grand Canyon with flowers) just proved further that this little island had everything.

One day we took a flat grass hut boat deep into the Fern Grotto. We got off and walked to a natural rock amphitheater surrounded by a curtain of ferns. We walked back in civilization on squishy ground through green exoctic ferns, wild roots and trees. I even found a vine to swing on, although it broke shortly after take off.

We fell in love with Hawaii, wearing our matching wedding T-Shirts and saying Ma-lay-key-li-key-maka "Merry Christmas" because it was fun to say. We re-created movie scenes from Hawaii Five-0 on a coconut plantation. Now we look at our little Menehune doll souvenir and let our minds drift back to beginning our marriage in Hawaii. I can taste the delicious Mai Mai fish followed by the freshest ice cream. Oh, and we did after hiking over beaches and boulders find our beach without footprints. However, the memories are more comic than romantic. We encountered the first rain clouds of our trip, along with 3 mongrel dogs and a large ocean cruise ship. Next time we will try a different route.

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