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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"Beyond Eternity"
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Kathy

Once in awhile we find ourselves drifting back in time to our memories we hold so close to our hearts. There we revisit our past lives and loves, and only then can we recapture those special feelings of joy and youth we felt so long ago. Oh, how I long to return to my love, a love that transcends time and fuels an eternal fire that burns forever.

I know that my love is not forgotten and until he comes for me, I return to Hawaii to wander the beaches in a ghostly manner. When the wind gently blows the fragrance of the tropical flora of the island I can feel the aloha spirit and lifestyle. The cool sand gently caresses my feet as I walk the beaches we once discovered together. As the heavenly breeze of the ocean sweeps through my hair, it's as if I can still hear him whispering my name, "Emily, Emily." I seem to spiral back in time to the events that would forever alter my life and cost me my one true love.

I was working as a waitress in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel when I lost my heart forever to a young soldier named Guy. Guy was enchanting, compassionate and exquisitely handsome. He had sandy blonde hair and dreamy brown eyes you could get lost in. His smile could light up the heavens and warm the soul. We shared an intense passion that was indescribable.

We spent our days playfully watching the waves lapping the beach. In the afternoon the tropical mist would trickle over our bodies leaving us hypnotized by a spectacular rainbow. Our favorite time together was sitting on the beach at sunset admiring the sky ablaze with color. Later in the night we would cuddle beside a fire and talk for endless hours. One night I became very cold and not even the fire could warm me. It was as if I could sense the tragic days that would lie ahead.

Guy must have noticed me quivering when he reached and drew me near him. As he placed his arms around me his strength overcame me with an immense sense of security. When he kissed me I felt an internal warmth rush through my body that could last a lifetime. I knew, at that very moment, I would love him beyond eternity, but forces higher and stronger than our own had already decided our fate.

On December 7, 1941 at 7:55 a.m., Guy, along with 2,400 Americans, lost his life when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I too died that day, for I would never love again. Some say there's only once in a lifetime to find true love and to have found it is to have found the end of the rainbow. I return to Hawaii knowing that it's the only place I can find the end of the rainbow, and where I found love beyond eternity.

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