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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love at Fist E-mail!
Dedicated to Nick Hernandez

Submitted by Kristi

This is the true story about my friend and I. We met on the internet in a chat room. We kept in touch for several weeks via e-mail. After I felt like we had know each other pretty well, I gave him my phone number. We have really hit it off and talk everyday. We are finding ourselves falling i love with each other, even though we've never actally met, or even seen a picture of each other.

We both want to meet the other, but that is very impossible for us. He is in the Navy, and is stationed in Hawaii for the next 3 years. I live in the states. I attend college and work full time to pay off my debts. The money I get goes straight for bills and none for any extra.

Winning this trip would be a dream come true because he and I would could finally meet in person. If we were to meet we could find out if our love for each other were real.

I really hope you have read and will consider this entry. Winning this trip to Hawaii would mean so much to Nick and I. Thank you!

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