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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Together Forever
Dedicated to

Submitted by Michael

I, Joe Lawson, do hereby attest to this letter as truth. It was a Saturday night, December 6th 1941. Maggie and I had a wonderful evening at the local clubs. We made a point of enjoying the best that night along with a wonderful walk on the beach. For some reason, it seemed like end of the world to us and we were the last two on it.

I wanted to go home with Maggie and make love to her, the end to a perfect evening. But I had a duty to uphold. I had to stand watch early Sunday morning, December 7th. As fate would have it, I served onboard the USS Arizona. My death was a total surprise. The Japanese Air Force ended my life that day, and left Maggie and I wanting each other in spirit everlasting. Maggie was a beautiful woman of just eighteen when I met my demise! I flew upward, met past loved ones, experienced a life review and contemplated my latest existence. Then, in 1942, a mere year later, I reincarnated as Peter Smith, a baby. As I grew, I didn't know why, but I felt the most intense desire to see Hawaii. Little did I know that Maggie still resided there and subconsciously her spirit was summoning me. Our love would not be denied. On my latest visit to Hawaii while walking along that same strip of beach, I met her. When our eyes connected it was as though we had never parted. Now, I'm 58, she's 77, and we embrace each other as though we were kids again. We are soulmates, we have been together, are together, and will be together forever. Oh Hawaii, how we love thee! You beautiful island state.

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