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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"The Dream"
Dedicated to my husband Rob

Submitted by Angela

Studying your furrowed brow in the predawn light, I wonder if you are worrying in your sleep. Years ago, when we were younger and poorer, it seems we were relatively carefree. Now careers and family have certainly added responsibilities as well as pleasure and satisfaction. As you stir in your sleep and finally open your eyes, I know that my scrutiny has had the desired effect. "Hi," you murmur drowsily, "What's up?" "Well, I had a lovely dream," I reply. "Oh, was I in it?" you inquire. "As a matter of fact you were. - Would you like to hear about it?" I take the smile I receive as silent assent:

"We are sitting on a beach," I begin, "an unusual beach with black sand." "The waves lap at our feet as the tide starts back in, and little pools are left behind as the water recedes again. We are wearing necklaces made of tiny shells, each one unique and perfect."

"Soon we see a young girl approaching us. She has straight dark hair, blowing gently back from a smiling bronze face. She is scantily clad yet innocently graceful like a faun. When she reaches us she holds out a melon-like fruit of some type - about the size of a large avocado. It is irresistible and we accept it and take turns biting the pink flesh. Soon the sweet sticky juice is running down our chins and we are laughting like children. The girl is no longer in sight. After we have washed our hands and faces in the salty water, we link hands and begin to stroll down the beach. The gentle breeze is pleasantly warm, and we walk on and on tirelessly."

"Eventually we come to a place where the terrain is quite different. There is vegetation nearby and palm trees that sway in the afternoon breeze. Amazingly, there are carved wooden figures looming above us. They are linked together and facing outward as if guarding the area beyond them. Strangely, they do not seem threatening but rather benevolently watchful. I reach out my hand to touch the weathered wood and feel comforted. This is an ancient place meant for a different people in a distant past and yet I feel a sense of welcome. When I look at you questioningly, you nod, and we enter between two figures that are spaced apart, obviously a doorway. Inside, there are actually vegetation, rocks, and even pools that seem to be arranged in an organized fashion. We stroll around just taking it all in and evjoying the sense of timelessness and calm that permeates this place."

"Pu'uhonua O Honaunau - Hawaii," you breathe, your eyes taking on a faraway look. "You had me going there for awhile." "You haven't been dreaming, you've been fantasizing!" "May I go along this time?" you question with raised eyebrows and a twinkle in your eyes. We snuggle down into the warm covers as we reminisce about distant places and times gone by.

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