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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Poem on Your Wall
Dedicated to Kochana

Submitted by Krzysziu

I was inspired to write this from the poem that we bought in Hawaii last summer. It is the poem that hangs on your wall and espouses the virtues of Mind, Heart, Liking, Taste, Inclination, Will, Intention, Thought, Ideas, and Desire. I love them all:

Your inquisitive and sharp Mind

Your Heart to help others in need

Your Liking for simple pleasures

Your Taste for adventure and spontaneity

Your stubborn Inclination to prove yourself right

Your Will to succeed and demand the best from yourself

Your thoughtfulness to have the best Intention in mind

The absence of Thought that you put into your emotions

Your creative, simple, and unconventional Ideas

Your craving for Desire, without contemplating its consequences.

The poem makes me realize that we all have people in our lives that touch us in special ways. However, I know that what we have together is unique. It makes us say and do things that we seldom would speak and act on. We have something that is so great and powerful that it if you could plant it in soil, it would grow for eternity. It would grow like the luscious plants and flowers that we saw together in Hawaii. But like all things that are alive and have the ability to grow, they must also have the ability to cope with adversity. Not every season will be plentiful and happy. They must be willing to deal with change. Most importantly, they must be willing to take risks. That is the only way we grow.

And like any flower or tree, they utilize every moment of sunshine that life allows them. They grow in ways that is best fitting for their survival. However, we are fundamentally different from that analogy. We have the ability to celebrate our past, to celebrate our ability to love in the present, and to decide on the future of our happiness. We are more than puppets to the problems that life throws at us.

You are my love. You bring out the best in me. But you also bring out the worst. You bring out what I don't like about myself at the same time that you celebrate what I hold dear to my heart. You make me realize how unique I am. But with that ability, we both make each other vulnerable to pain and sorrow, and I wonder if what we have is real. But when I step back from the situation, I realize that what I have with you is too good to pass by.

If you peel away all the imperfection that surrounds human behavior, you'll find a wonderful thing at its core. You'll find that warm feeling that spreads from your chest to your head when you are at the mercy of passion. You'll find a simple thing that motivates us to live for each other. To put it simply--your compassion, love, and appreciation of life fill an empty hole within myself, and I love you for it.

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