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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Liana
Dedicated to Dreams.

Submitted by Andrea


All I have ever said and all I have ever done could not compare to one day in your life. You have treated everyone you meet with the utmost kindness, respect, love, and charity. But all my accomplishments are insignificant to yours. For this I love you. I have watched you walk down the street, a smile on your face, a kind word for everyone, and a shoulder for the next person who needs to cry. For this I love you. Your beautycould not match the beauty of a meadow in springtime, nor a mountain trail in autumn. Yet you do not notic your remarkable beauty. Instead you demand that you are nothing compared to somone much less radiant than you. For this I love you.

My love for you is boundless; my heart is in your hand. But it would appease me, the poor lovesick fool I am, just to get one glance at you, to hear your voice call my name. But I know we can never be together. I am not good enough for you. We can't vacation in Hawaii, where I could profess my love with you in my arms underneath the moon. I can't have you stoop down to my lever, so we could live peacefully together. You have denied any other decent person in the vicinity, ones truly worthy of you, because you say that they are not true. They are not what they seem. But you deserve a lifetime of happiness, where-as I could only give you a few moments of joy. And I can not bear to see that happen to you. So, my love, I shall let you know this, I love you more than I can stand, I love you more than life itself. You are my only, true love. For me you will never change, never fade, you will always be beautiful.
With love always, Rogan

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