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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

I Can't Deny It, I Love You
Dedicated to To JBear, because I love you

Submitted by Justin

My dearest Juls,

I just can stop thinking of you. Our relationship grew out of friendship a long time ago, and though I fought against feeling this way, I just can't anymore.

You are on my mind from the moment my mind awakes in the morning, till the last thought of my day. At night my dreams are filled with visions of you. Though we talk online all the time, when the phone rings I jump to answer it in hopes it will be you. When it is, I am so excited to hear from you, my whole body feels like I have a swarm of honeybees just under the skin.

When I look at the pictures you have sent me, my heart just swells to an impossible size, to think I have gained the interest and attraction of a goddess so wonderful, so perfect!!.

Everything has become new to me. Nature whispers your name when I go outside. The songbirds sing of us together. The wind sighs for us, and even the storm clouds just seem to be angry because they are jealous of us.

I started to buy you flowers the other day... I was going to send them to you. Even risking your wrath at spending money on you. I got in the store, and everywhere I looked the flowers were so vibrant, so alive, the colors so bright and fragrance heavenly... I was shocked at how you have affected even my senses, but then the salesperson asked if she could help and my thoughts went to you and all this beauty around me... it just faded to so much gray... nothing compares to you Juls... nothing. You draw my eyes, my heart, even my soul like a magnet does to iron... and I like it.

So realizing I can't stop this feeling, nor do I want to, I have just decided to take a chance with my heart, to go ahead and let you know what I feel inside. I love you Juls. You mean the world to me. My life would be dismal and dark without you in it.

So, I am asking you Juls... do you feel it too? Can you feel where our friendship is so much more than that? Would you... could you consider a deeper, more meaningful relationship with me?

You see Juls, the feeling I can no longer fight nor deny is simple.

I love you!

I think you and I should be together. I think we belong together. Though we are a world apart, our hearts know the truth of this love. Time spent in real time with each other can only confirm what our hearts already know.

So, would you meet me in Hawaii? It's a tropical paradise where we can forget about the outside world for a few days and focus on the possibility of our future together.

Everything about you and me... it just feels too right to be wrong.

I love you!

Yours Forever,


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